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Celebration Ideas

Monday Celebration Tips: How to have a “picture perfect” stay-in movie night!

Posted  October 3rd, 2015  by  Ashley Leach

So you want to host a stay-in movie night! If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to make your night at home a night to remember. Preview Your Event- Invite your fellow movie fans far enough in advance so they (and you!) can plan accordingly. You don’t want people showing up last minute and […]

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Celebration Ideas

Monday Celebration Tips: How to Be a Great Neighbor!

Posted  September 26th, 2015  by  Ashley Leach

Welcome the Newbies! – Did someone just move in next door or down the street? Make a friendly first impression by stopping over to introduce yourself! And don’t go empty handed! Our Delicious Fruit Design® In Happy House Keepsake is the PERFECT way to say welcome to the neighborhood!   Host a Little Block Party- It’s […]

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Monday Celebration Tips: How to make Fall the freshest season yet!

Posted  September 19th, 2015  by  Ashley Leach

Take in a football game- Start the Fall with a seasonal favorite – get out in that autumn air and cheer on a local football team, or just watch a game on TV. Whether it’s high school, college, or the NFL, you are sure to a great time! Need something to munch on? Bring out […]

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Business Gifting

Monday Celebration Tips: How to Celebrate All 7 Days of National Dipped Fruit Week®!

Posted  September 12th, 2015  by  Ashley Leach

Monday- Need a Family Energizer?    Mondays can be tough, so surprise your crew with an awesome treat that tickles their taste buds and puts their week in high gear.  One sure-win choice: our new Deliciously Sweet Salted Caramel Gift Set–juicy apples, rich chocolate, buttery caramel and a hint of sea salt.  Instant mood boost, […]

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Celebration Ideas

Chocolate Covered Everything

Posted  September 10th, 2015  by  Kyle Minerley

Chocolate Just say the word. Chocolate (Or chocolate covered strawberries even…). Bam. Instant explosion behind your eyes as you fade away into a sweet, smooth, crunchy, bittersweet….well. Huh. Actually how do you describe the taste of chocolate? Is it the taste of Saturday Summer nights, gently melted by the heat of a charred marshmallow (whoops) and […]

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