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March 20, 2013

Move Over Chocolate Bunnies and Little Yellow Chicks

Every holiday brings another opportunity for us to give our guests the freshest (and tastiest) takes on traditional holiday treats. And this spring, we’re giving families a smart and delicious alternative with our Easter and Passover themed fresh fruit arrangements.

“Our Easter and Passover Collections provide the busy mom or hostess with the perfect finishing touch to a family celebration,” said Edible Arrangements® CEO Tariq Farid. “From a snack for a casual gathering to the centerpiece for a formal dinner, we have an arrangement guaranteed to make Guests say, ‘WOW.’”

The spring holiday collections start at $40, and include fruit bouquets filled with the freshest fruit and gourmet chocolate like the Easter Bunny Daisy™Dove Bouquet™, Star of David Festival™ and so much more.

Easter Bunny Daisy™

Read more about our fresh twist on Easter baskets and more here.

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  1. I LOVE these arrangements. The Easter Bunnies are so much nicer than the ‘same as every other year’ gifts you have at Easter time!

    And, of course, I wouldn’t mind if there was a pineapple pop or two in my basket Easter morning. Pineapples + chocolate = enough said!

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