Graduating from Edible® University

This is Nancy Hall, Communications Specialist at Edible Arrangements® International and, as of Friday, a proud graduate of Edible University! As promised last week, I want to tell you about the second half of this incredible training program.

The first half of the week, we focused on local store marketing, finance management, and holiday store preparation. Presentations were given to the class by corporate team members and provided valuable information for success.  Then, as we neared mid-week, we began to prepare for the most intense experience of the entire program – Live Store Day!

In preparation for Live Store Day, Edible Arrangements® corporate employees bid on a variety of arrangements for the EU class to make. All money collected is donated to charity through Edible Cares™. The winning bidders place their orders to the EU storefront during Live Store Day. This allows the class to gain more experience in building various arrangements as well as working with Guests and fulfilling orders in a simulated store environment.

Edible Arrangements corporate employees place orders with Leslie Zenarosa (center) while Asim Ahmed and Cierra Taylor (background right) make Edible To Go® drinks and Training Manager Ramona Mosley (bottom right) helps to sort orders.
Edible Arrangements corporate employees place orders with Leslie Zenarosa (center) while Asim Ahmed and Cierra Taylor (background right) make Edible To Go® drinks and Training Manager Ramona Mosley (bottom right) helps to sort orders.

Don’t let the term “simulated” fool you, though! This is a very hectic day for the EU class as we processed and produced orders for arrangements and boxes while also serving up drinks, fruit salads and individual fruit pieces from the Edible To Go® collection. It’s a non-stop flurry of excitement from open to close. When the day came to an end, we released a collective sigh of relief and took great pride in everything we were able to accomplish.The corporate team attended our graduation on Friday, and we bid a fond farewell as our newest Franchise Partners and Managers left to put their EU knowledge into action. Rather than have me go on and on about this incredible program, I thought I would share insight from a few of my EU classmates:

This program has been so helpful, especially gaining hands-on experience before we get into our store. It’s good to know that we are going in with some prep and training. The hands-on learning really makes a difference. This is a great program!” – Cierra Taylor, Hunstville, AL

“This has been an effective adult learning process, combining hands-on building, simulated store experiences and real store experiences. Ramona [Mosley, Training Manager] and Todd [Lamson, Manager of Training & Guest Experiences] were incredible and very high energy. The testing was built to help us learn the material, not just to get a good grade. Two weeks may seem like a long time, but it is well worth it.” – Russ Marable, San Clemente, CA

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“From this experience, I will take home a renewed love for lime juice! But really, I am taking home some great ideas for how to better run my business, especially local store marketing. It’s been a long and short 2 weeks – long to be away, but short to learn everything. I’m glad for the experience and look forward to using what I’ve learned.” – Asim Ahmed, Denton, TX

“My favorite part of EU was the hands-on building and guidance for every aspect of the business. I also appreciated learning how to pull reports that will be beneficial to the business. There will still be a learning curve, but it will certainly not be as great now thanks to this training.” – Mark Taylor, Huntsville, AL

“Live Store Day was a crazy, fun, tiring, amazing experience! I dipped so many Apple Fruit Truffles in the production area – it was like truffle mania! Working in the storefront was such a great learning experience, dealing with Guests and taking orders. One big takeaway for me – the Edible To Go drinks are so good!” – Katie Bhandare, North Lauderdale, FL

Congratulations to all of my fellow EU graduates! Would you like to join me as an alumnus of Edible University? Visit our franchise site for more information!

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