2015 is the Year to Eat More Fruit!


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New Year’s Resolutions are easy to make but often difficult to keep. In fact, a recent poll found that while 45% of people make New Year’s Resolutions, only 8% actually succeed in keeping those resolutions for the entire year*. We want 100%  success from those  who resolve to stay healthy and eat more fruit. Introducing Edible Arrangements’® Fruit Resolution!

This year Edible Arrangements® is committed to helping you stay on track with your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier. When you resolve to eat more fruit, we’ll sweeten the deal with a free pineapple Edible Pop™.  Simply visit our Fruit Resolution page to answer a few short questions and we’ll email you a voucher for your pop. You can also get your friends in on the action by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter icons on the Fruit Resolution page to let everyone know that you resolve to eat more fruit this year!

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This coming year is bound to be filled with all kinds of celebrations, and sometimes resolutions get derailed with the temptation of cakes, cookies and other sweets. Try bringing a fruit arrangement to your next celebration for all the sweetness and none of the guilt. Here’s to making this the year you stick to your resolution through 2015 and beyond! Click, call or visist any of our 1,200+ locations to place your order today.

*Source: wwww.statisticbrain.com