Monday Celebration Tips: All about camping!


1)  Packing 101 Camping is a wonderful way to disconnect from your busy life and take in some nature! Like any vacation, packing everything you need is a must! You want to pack all of your camping essentials which include: your tent, tarps (just in case it rains), sleeping bags, pillows, personal hygiene kit, camp stove and fuel, pots, pans, plates, bowls, cutlery, food, drinking water and other beverages, cooler and ice, clothing, first aid kit, insect repellent, sunscreen, and of course all of your fire starting materials. Try creating a check list, so that you have every item you need before you get into the car and are on your way!


2)   Camp site setting up Now that your car is all packed and you are on your way to your camping destination, the next thing you need to know is what to do once you arrive at your camp site. This is always a very exciting part because it means the beginning of your trip! It is ideal to arrive at your camp site earlier in the day because you will not have to worry about setting up in the evening once it starts to get dark out. Always set up your tent first! Then move on to setting up your cooking area, campfire area, and so on. Once you finish setting up it is time to relax… at least until you get hungry!


3)   Activities Camping means no electronics, TV, or video games (Sorry kids). But that means that you can do so many other wonderful outdoors activities. Some favorites are swimming and fishing in your favorite hidden spot, hiking and biking down long, winding trails through the wilderness, card games with your family (or new friends), hide and seek, manhunt, s’mores by the fire, camp fire sing-alongs AND of course scary stories! This is a great opportunity for the kids to explore the great outdoors and have a lot of fun while doing it. These memories last a lifetime and will give your family a place to think back on or look forward to each and every year.


4)   Food Camping calls for yummy meals cooked by the fire! Which means it’s pancakes for breakfast, burgers or hot dogs for lunch, and if you’re feeling adventurous, spaghetti for dinner! No fire while out on a hike? No problem! Just pack some Trail Mix, PB&J sandwiches or cold cuts and you’re right back at it. Plus, nothing beats a granola bar on the top of a mountain (just be sure to clean up after yourselves). So what does that mean for dessert? Maybe you love chocolate and just don’t like marshmallows… it looks like you won’t be doing S’mores, BUT you still want something delicious for dessert…


5)   DessertOur chocolate covered strawberries with Mixed Topping Box is perfect to pack in your cooler to enjoy on your first time in the great outdoors! Our sweetly topped take on the classic chocolate dipped fruit includes one dozen fresh strawberries, hand-dipped in semisweet chocolate or white chocolate, and covered with toppings like yummy coconut and crushed almonds.  So go ahead and make a memory just that much more special for you and everyone you share it with.  Go start a new tradition this summer with Edible®.