Monday Celebration Tips: How to make a splashing impression at your pool party!


Prep your pool area- It is important that the day before your guests arrive that you make sure you and your pool area are prepped and ready to party! Make sure that you mow the lawn, clean the pool, have a changing area ready with all the essentials, and set up tables, chairs, & umbrellas. If you have all of these areas ready to go the day before, you won’t need to scramble around trying to get everything set to go! Make sure to have some of the following for your guests just in case they forget theirs at home: plastic bags for wet bathing suits, towels, sunblock, bug spray, sunglasses, etc. If you have all of this ready it will make enjoying your day a lot more fun!


Pumpin’ Some Tunes- Since you are going to be partying the day away outside, you are going to want an awesome playlist! Having a great playlist is the beginning to a great party! Some people might be laying out trying to get a summer tan while others will be playing in the pool. So make sure you find the perfect summer mix so that everyone can have a blast!


It’s all about the water- Today is all about the water, so that means you need to have some awesome water games and activities planned! Have a water war with water guns, water balloons, or a hose! You could even keep everyone entertained with some water contests. You could hand out prizes for the best cannonball, best belly flop, biggest splash, etc. Having fun water games and activities planned will be a huge hit for any pool party!


Snack time- Every party needs a great selection of food and snacks!  It’s always important to have a good array of foods because not everybody may like what you put out. Burgers, Hot dogs, and finger foods are great because they are easy to make and are perfect for your pool day! Avoid anything that could go bad in the sun. Also make sure to use unbreakable plates and cups so you don’t have to worry about bare feet on broken glass.



Sweet Treat- Every pool party needs to end with a sweet treat… Our recipe for summer fun all year round: our new Fun in the Sun-tini™ Swizzle Berries & Apples!

This fruit bouquet features sun-shaped pineapple and gourmet semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries, crisp green apple wedges and fresh strawberries dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate with white swizzle, and is filled with a variety of bite-sized pieces of our fresh fruit favorites for all to enjoy! Then, it’s all mixed… we mean artfully arranged… in a fun martini glass-shaped container that you can use once the fruit is gone!