Chocolate Covered Everything


Trail Mix Trio Box By Edible - Chocolate Covered Fruit

Just say the word. Chocolate (Or chocolate covered strawberries even…). Bam. Instant explosion behind your eyes as you fade away into a sweet, smooth, crunchy, bittersweet….well. Huh. Actually how do you describe the taste of chocolate?

Is it the taste of Saturday Summer nights, gently melted by the heat of a charred marshmallow (whoops) and two honey Graham crackers where the crackle of tinder is punctuated by the laughter of your friends and family?

Fire Smoke Smores

Or maybe it’s the flavor of a library on a rainy day, tucked snugly between the ancient wooden shelves – deeply shrouded in mystery and unique to you alone.

Chocolate Fantasy Edible Arrangements

For others it’s the strange bite of spice, the subtle hint of hazelnut or the sharp tang of salty bacon on that luxury brand that you noticed while food shopping and casually slid into your shopping cart.  I mean, Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina Super Dark Chocolate? I don’t even know what that is but SURE!  

Yes, we watch you while you food shop.  Don’t make it weird.



For our Monday Celebration Tip we were thinking, what better way to celebrate chocolate than with more chocolate? Really, could anything be better? Chocolate and more chocolate? Well…we’ll tell you a better way—with fresh fruit (and, yes, chocolate)! That’s why all this week All Chocolate Dipped Fruit™ boxes, platters, Chocolate-Tinis & Edible Pops® Bundles are ON SALE for $29.  So what are you waiting for? Get out there and #celebratechocolate today- the Edible Arrangements® way.


Oh.  And to me, Chocolate tastes like…well. You know that feeling when you get those chocolate covered strawberries delivered right to your door and you weren’t expecting it? It’s that- excitement, surprise, and the feeling that someone out there cares enough to send you something amazing.  Even if that person was you and you just forgot.