The Four Summer BBQ Ideas That Will Make You BBQ Royalty


The smell of fresh-cut grass, the spray of sprinklers, cruising with the windows down and the crackle of a bonfire while surrounded by your family and friends. Summer. And what summer is complete without digging out the BBQ and losing an eyebrow or two? So take a break from chasing after the ice cream truck (you’re an adult now, right? You can outrun it) and catch up with some summer BBQ ideas that will make this summer the best one yet.

1)      “Pumpin’ The Tunes”
Nature is great. We love nature—our favorite stuff comes right from it (see also: fruit). But at a certain point you really just want to put on Sugar Ray and sing the chorus of “FLY” at the top of your lungs. Or Smash Mouth “All Star”.  We don’t judge—but your neighbors might. What song reminds you the most of summer?


2)      Summer Games
While you stand guard over the grill, cooking the food to charred perfection you can laugh as your family, friends, and neighbors slap Frisbees into cans, jump around for three-legged races or engage in a trendy game of “hoop trundling”.  It’s a classic! Or, short of that, it’s amazing what games will be invented with just a few balls, an open space and a beautiful day. Work up that appetite!


3)      Food
Outdoor BBQ’s are all about the grill. You know that. But did you know that you can add fresh fruits to your BBQ menu idea list along with your standard meats and veggies? It’s true! For the best fruit grilling experience just follow these simple rules:

  • Brush your fruit with a small amount of olive oil.  It’ll keep your fruit from sticking the grill and enhance the flavor.
  • Try grilling over indirect heat instead of direct flame or right over the hot coals. It’ll keep your fruit from going up in smoke.
  • Be quick! Fruit doesn’t need long to cook- so stick around. This makes them a delicious appetizer!


Try some of our favorite fruits on your grill and let us know what you think!

Grilled Watermelon

Grilled Apples

Grilled Peaches

Grilled Melons? (Yup! Just skewer it first in cubes or chunks!)

Grilled Strawberries (Skewer them first!)

And, of course, Grilled Pineapple.

4)      Edible Arrangements® Treats!
No celebration is complete without a freshly-crafted arrangement from Edible Arrangements®. It’s like having a celebrity over to your BBQ. People will recognize it, walk over, and make conversation. Or, you know, savor the experience.


Our Watermelon Kiwi Summer Bouquet™ is filled with sun-shaped pineapple, generously sliced kiwi, juicy watermelon ball sticks, cantaloupe, fresh strawberries hand dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate and plump grapes arranged in a mouthwatering, bright and fun display! We also have delicious chocolate Dipped Fruit™ boxes and fruit salads that are the perfect addition for your summer BBQ!


Is your mouth watering yet? Tangy, fresh, colorful fruit and summer BBQ fresh off the grill. Put them out side by side and see which one vanishes first!