Best of the Brunch: A How-To Guide

Do you know what it takes to be the “Best of the Brunch” this Easter? Planning the perfect get-together can sometimes be tricky, but we’re here to help make this year’s Easter breakfast party easier (and more delicious) than ever!

Here are a few of our top tips and tricks for planning a WOW-worthy Easter brunch:

  1. Keep a consistent theme. From color schemes to themed motifs, sticking to a cohesive look can help make Easter brunch look just as good as it tastes! Select a theme that can be easily executed. For example, we chose Easter bunnies! Bunny accessories are easily found this time of year, and there are so many options of accessories one can use. You can tie in your theme throughout your décor by including festive place cards, napkin rings, and a sweet centerpiece that will bring all the pieces together.
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  1. Add some spunk to your place settings with a creative pop of color. When planning your place settings, remember – less is more, especially if you’re including a pop of color! Use a simple, neutral color palette and get creative with colorful tie-ins like place cards, napkin ribbons, or something your guests can take home. Who doesn’t love something sweet they can snack on later?! Add some spunk to a neutral place setting with something colorful and fun – keep it simple!
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  1. Use a centerpiece that will tie in your table setting and brunch décor. Centerpieces are a great way to pull together your entire table setting because it (quite literally) is the center of attention! Our suggestion? Opt for elegance with a unique twist – choose a hand-crafted centerpiece – we guarantee it will be a memorable conversation starter! Centerpieces are a great addition to any table, since you can use a simple place setting and add a colorful and creative focal point, that will tie all your décor pieces together.
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  1. Make brunch fun for the entire family! If this year’s brunch guest list includes kids, consider it the perfect excuse to dress up your table with whimsical, brightly-colored decorations! Take your Easter table up a notch by decorating with eggs the kids dyed themselves, homemade streamers draped along the walls, and a treat at the center of your table that everyone can share. Having kids on your guest list is a great excuse to add some creative fun to your brunch!
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  1. Go all-inclusive with treats that have it all. Our best advice for pulling off the perfect Easter brunch? Start your planning ahead of time and use items that you already have at home, or purchase pre-made items, that way you can enjoy more time with the ones you love! (One of the best parts about Easter brunch (aside from the food, of course!) is enjoying the company of friends and family. Maximize your time spent playing much-needed catch-up by keeping it simple and being prepared ahead of time so you can spend the day with friends and family. And don’t forget to pick up an Easter Basket that will wow the group (without any extra work).
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