5 Questions With Cindy Mockler, Creative Designer


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Our “5 Questions With” blog segment gives you the inside scoop on the inner workings of Edible Arrangements® by bringing you an exclusive look at the work lives of some EA corporate employees. This week, we talked to our Creative Designer, Cindy Mockler, to learn about everything she does to bring ‘Edible Ideas” to life. (Note: Most of what Cindy does in our Research & Development Department is top secret, so getting her to answer our questions was a big score!)

Creative Designer, Cindy Mockler

1.       What’s the most fun fruit arrangement design you’ve worked on and why?

It would have to be a tie between the Confetti Fruit Cupcake™ and the Watermelon Kiwi Bouquet™. The fruit cupcakes go through such a transformation during the arrangement’s production — by the time they are finished, you can hardly believe the semisweet and white chocolate dipped masterpiece in front of you is actually an edible piece of fruit! And as for the Watermelon Kiwi Bouquet™, the vibrant colors are unmatched. This is one arrangement concept that just came together with ease, and immediately became one of my favorites.

 2.       What is the absolute best part of your job?

There’s something so special and rewarding about being able to create and bring to life arrangements, dipped fruit, smoothies and other products that first began just as an idea. I love creating new combinations and flavors, and am so happy to share my work with so many people… plus, taste testing’s not too bad either!

 3.       What’s your favorite kind of chocolate dipped fruit? Toppings?

My favorite chocolate dipped fruit is definitely the semisweet chocolate dipped pineapple. And if you’re adding a topping, my favorite is still pineapple, but the combination of white chocolate and coconut is simply the best.

 4.       Tell us something you’ve learned while working at Edible Arrangements®?

I’ve learned how to work as a team player with many different departments… simultaneously at times! It takes all of us working together to be successful.

5.       What’s the best part about working for Edible Arrangements®?

Definitely the people you work with. When you are passionate about the product, and the teams around you share that same feeling, it just makes you feel good.

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