5 Questions With Sally Velcofsky, Director of Operations Services


Our “5 Questions With” blog segment gives you the inside scoop on the inner workings of Edible Arrangements® by bringing you an exclusive look at the work lives of some EA corporate employees. In honor of Mother’s Day, this week we sat down with Sally Velcofsky. Sally is the Director of Operations Services and a mother of three. (She’s also our honorary “office mom,” and treats us to freshly baked goodies all the time!)

Sally Velcofsky, Director of Operations Services

1. What are you working on right now?

As you might expect, our major focus has been on every aspect of Mother’s Day: goal setting, inventory, marketing, staffing and organization in the local stores are top priorities. Mother’s Day is one of our biggest holidays, so we want to ensure that our franchisees are well prepared to service our guests.

2. What is the absolute best part of your job?

I really love working with the franchisees, because we get to interact on so many levels.  It is very rewarding to me when I am able to help solve a problem, or help them with a pressing issue. It doesn’t hurt to have a pretty terrific staff, too!

3. What’s your favorite kind of chocolate dipped fruit?

Any  fruit dipped in chocolate is fine with me!

4. Tell us something you’ve learned while working at Edible Arrangements®.

Things move very quickly here at EA. I’ve learned that you have to be super organized to keep up with the pace, but you also get to see results very quickly.

5. What WOWs you?

I am continuously WOW-ed when I talk with people outside of our organization about EA. When you mention that you work for Edible Arrangements, they always go on to share how much they love our product. It makes me really proud to be a part of this company.