Edible Arrangements® #WhenWordsFail Giveaway Results


We ended 2013 with a great social media giveaway that complemented our newest national advertising campaign that was all about those inevitable moments “when words fail,” as depicted in our holiday commercial. Our #WhenWordsFail Holiday Moments Giveaway was hosted on Facebook. This giveaway was our first contest hosted right on our Facebook wall, and fans simply had to comment directly on the post for a chance to win.

To enter, fans were asked to describe a holiday moment depicting when words failed them using the hashtag #whenwordsfail. Here were a few of our favorite entries for your enjoyment:

  • “Can’t wait to see all of you for Christmas! Do you know who will be doing the cooking….because depending on who it is, I might want to bring a dish or two of my own to share! #WhenWordsFail
  • “Thanks to the best coworkers a girl could ask for. It’s so hard to find the perfect thank you for a group of people who can normally make your life a living hell but don’t. Good coworkers are a very rare breed. #WhenWordsFail
  • “Yes… for our mail carrier! What do you write on that card? Through sleet, snow, rain, you never fail? Seems kind of dramatic. #WhenWordsFail

Our eight Facebook posts devoted to this giveaway earned over 200,000 impressions, and the organic reach of our giveaway posts was 59% higher than the average daily post! Plus, we were able to remind our fruit fans that Edible Arrangements® has the Best. Gift. Ever. for the holidays, and of course, treat a select few prize winners to a fresh fruit arrangement of their own. We’d consider that a social media success!

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