Edible Fruit Mocktails™ – Happy Hour Week


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Finally, after hours of careful studying, scientific testing, hard, data-focused research and pool-side conversations we realized what was missing from summer. So we strapped on our fruit-suits and took a new, fresh, fruity take on old summer classics with one goal in mind: to help bring you the best summer ever.



Delicious Fresh Fruit Mocktails

It’s like a Cocktail only Better – With A Fresh Fruity Twist

Okay. Really, who wants all that hassle of hunting down the best Mocktail recipes, trying to figure out last minute substitutions (Please don’t try to substitute Apples for Pineapples in your Piña Colada) and then having your friends and/or significant other / family members devour it before you’ve even sat down to enjoy the first sip? We know this is happening all across the world and we needed to find a way to put a stop to it- and get your summer back on track.

So this summer why don’t you set aside the Mocktail hassle and trust the Fruit Experts at Edible Arrangements® to prepare the perfect flavor combinations of your favorite classic Fruit Mocktails™ so you can enjoy the sunlight.  (We also could offer book suggestions if you ask nicely!)



Our Mocktail Recipes For Great Times

Edible Summer Fruit Mocktails

Or, for the more adventurous minded individuals out there, an Edible Fruit Mocktails™ could be seen as a fresh fruit starting kit for your favorite blended beverages. You even get a giant cocktail cup to go with it!

So go ahead- dive in, put your feet up, relax or go wild with the freshest Fruit Mocktails™ that you’ve ever tasted. Summer is served—and it tastes amazing.  Just please, enjoy responsibly. You can’t blame it on the Mocktail this time.


P.S. –  You know the worst thing about Happy Hour? It only lasts an hour.  So we’ve gone ahead and made Happy Hour into Happy Hour Week.  Yup. All our New Fruit Mocktails™ 15% off for a limited time.  Just enter offer code TINI1515 at checkout to redeem. Join the movement to turn Happy Hour Into #HappyHourWeek today!