Fresh Facts About: Strawberries!


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As the Fruit Experts®, we find out stuff about fruit that we find interesting, surprising, amazing or funny all the time… and we think you will too. That’s why we’re sharing Fresh Facts About fruit here on our blog. This week’s featured fruit is a bite-sized berry… or IS it?  Read on to find out more about THE STRAWBERRY!

Not Even A Berry? That’s right, a strawberry is by definition not actually a berry at all! It’s technically an achene, a receptacle which houses all the seeds (these are the actual fruit), on its exterior. True berries, like raspberries and blueberries, have their seeds grow on the inside of the fruit!

Very Seedy. The average number of seeds per strawberry is about 200. That’s easily enough seeds to distribute to each employee at Edible Arrangements® headquarters… with a handful left over!

California Dreaming. According to a 2010 report, the state of California grows 88% of all strawberries produced and sold in the U.S., and about 25% of all strawberries produced worldwide.

Heart Health. A research study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found the strawberry to have one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants. Among other health benefits, these antioxidants may help the body fight against LDL, the “bad cholesterol” which has been shown to be a factor in heart disease.

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