Incredible Edible – The Largest Edible Arrangement of All Time


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Largest Edible Arrangement Incredible Edibles

Do you need to feed a wedding party? Is your entire extended family of 150+ people coming over for the Holidays this year? Or do you simply want to watch your guest’s jaws collectively drop as you strain the old dining room table beneath 65 pounds of delicious, fresh fruit?

It’s Incredible.  It’s Edible.  And it’s here.

Over 3 Feet Tall.  

– Serves More Than 200 People.

– 6 Different Types Of Fresh Fruit, 8 in the chocolate dipped version.

– Optional Chocolate Covered.

– Weighs In At Over 65 lbs.

“Wow, that’s incredible!”    -Everyone Ever

The largest Edible Arrangement of all time, the Incredible Edible™ is for the most dedicated fruit lovers, looking to cheer on and share the celebration with a crowd – or start one anywhere, anytime.

And with this much love, you don’t just get the Arrangement – you get the Edible Arrangements® experience: Hand assembled on-site where and when you want it so it’s always fantastically fresh and perfectly presented.

So go ahead and start the feeding frenzy – the Incredible Edible™ is up for the challenge and ready to take any celebration or occasion to the next level.  The question is, are you?

Looking for more information? Check out our Incredible Edible™ page!