Monday Celebration Tips: How to have a “picture perfect” stay-in movie night!


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So you want to host a stay-in movie night! If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to make your night at home a night to remember.

Preview Your Event- Invite your fellow movie fans far enough in advance so they (and you!) can plan accordingly. You don’t want people showing up last minute and not have enough room on the couch!


Pick the Flick- Line up the evening’s feature attraction.  Maybe you prefer a good rom-com, or perhaps you’d rather watch something a little scary. Because it’s Fall, a Halloween classic like Hocus Pocus could wow the crowd, and give you the chance to extend the spooky theme to your snacks and décor.


Get Comfy- Because this is a STAY-IN evening, be sure to tell your guests that comfortable clothing is key.  Bring out the sweatpants and tee shirts! Grab your seat, a blanket, and you’re ready to watch!


Must-Have Movie Snack- Tried of the same old movie snack? Switch it up with our Best for a Night In! Berry Sweet For Fall! This festive, Fall arrangement is the perfect sweet AND salty treat that every movie-goer will be delighted to devour.

Best for a Night In! Berry Sweet for Fall!
Best for a Night In! Berry Sweet for Fall!