Mother’s Day 2011


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Once again we can affirm: People love their mothers! Every year since the Edible Arrangements franchise first began we have set a new record for Mother’s Day sales.
As our company grows to more and more locations, more customers discover that Edible Arrangements gifts are ideal for Mother’s Day. Customers are attracted to the idea that they can give Mom an impressive beautiful bouquet that will wow everyone who sees it, and a healthy delicious fresh fruit arrangement that is ready to eat.
Premium quality fresh fruit, sliced and arranged to resemble a floral bouquet, some of it dipped in gourmet chocolate . . . who could resist? We know that Mother’s Day is an extremely busy time for our franchisees and we help them prepare for it months and months in advance – from our comprehensive marketing strategies including national television advertising, print media, special promotions to drive traffic into their stores to our preparedness countdown to the holiday to our operational Store Support Team that is on call to assist every store in the system, before during and after the holiday.
Our state-of-the art consumer website featuring Live Chats and our fully staffed call center offer fast and convenient ordering options for consumers 24/7! This corporate support, teamed with the hard work of dedicated franchisees led to our top 25 stores in the system seeing 22% increase in their sales over last Mother’s Day.