Pumpkin Carving – Edible® Style


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Fall is in full swing, which means that Halloween will be here before you know it! One of our favorite traditions this time of year is carving pumpkins, but instead of the traditional jack-o-lantern face, we carve Edible® fruit into our pumpkins! From pineapples, grapes, strawberries – the possibilities are endless, and our twist on pumpkin carving is a fun (and fruity!) way to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Want to try carving an Edible® pumpkin yourself? You’re in luck! Simply right-click on each image below to save the stencil, print them out, and spend your next fall afternoon carving away (after picking out the perfect pumpkin, of course!).




If you use these stencils to make your pumpkin masterpiece, make sure you share pictures of them on social media! Don’t forget to tag us @edible and use the hashtag #EdibleHalloween so we can find your pictures. (We might even feature you!)