Reflecting On A Very Special School Day


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Edible Arrangements® believes that every single day is a reason to celebrate, and last month, we were able to celebrate teachers and students at one local elementary school. The team from our corporate headquarters surprised the students at Lincoln Bassett Elementary school in New Haven, CT with fresh fruit, and brought along special chocolate dipped fruit boxes for every teacher.

We had a feeling that the students would be happy to see us, but we weren’t quite prepared for how we would be impacted. Seeing all of those happy faces, and hearing the overwhelming chorus of “Thank You!” that filled the lunch room was amazing, heartwarming, and even emotional! The faculty was also so appreciative, and their gratitude was truly touching.

There were (more than) a few lessons that day, but here are just some of the things we all learned:

  • Some of the younger students are still learning about the types of fruit, so we were more than happy to explain… and offer them their first taste of some varieties that hadn’t tried just yet, like honeydew melon!
  • For the older students, we were able to offer our fresh perspective on why fruit is an ideal snack or treat really any time, and a great choice for a naturally sweet dessert!
  • One of our own favorite lessons from that day was that no gesture is too small.  Not only did we have fun doing it, but we were inspired to think of more ways we can continue to do “small” things that make a big difference.


We hope we’ve inspired you to find a reason to celebrate today! Tell us below.  🙂