#ThankfulThursday: Share Your Gratitude this Month


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November is known for giving thanks — after all, Thanksgiving Day is November 28th!  And this year, we’re dedicating the entire month to weekly expressions of gratitude with a social media campaign we’re calling #ThankfulThursday.


We’re starting by asking the team here at Edible Arrangements® headquarters to tell us what they are thankful for. We’ll share some of our favorite responses on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ each Thursday! And, we’re also asking our fans and followers to get in on this small act of gratitude by telling us what they’re thankful for every week on #ThankfulThursday. Simply comment on our posts, or use the hashtag #ThankfulThursday to say thanks this month!

So tell us, what are you thankful for this #ThankfulThursday? Add your comments below and keep the conversation going!