10 Easy Toddler Activities to Try at Home

Easy Toddler Activities to Try at Home

Keeping a rambunctious toddler busy can be challenging. Toddlers are at a tough age where they don’t really understand complex directions and have a super short attention span. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a bunch of toddler-specific activities at the ready to keep the chaos at bay whenever you’re stuck at home. Here’s how to do it.

How to Choose Toddler Activities

Setting up an activity for toddlers doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, simplicity is best when it comes to little ones under the age of three. After all, your toddler isn’t likely to follow complicated directions or stay engaged for too long. However, she’s deeply curious and craves to learn more about the world around her. That’s why toddlers respond best to simple activities that spark their curiosity.

Activities like simple science experiments, such as testing out items to see if they will sink or float or if they’re magnetic, are perfect. They’ll instill her with a sense of wonder as she learns more about the world, while keeping her occupied for more than a few moments. Additionally, any activity that strengthens or encourages fine motor development is a must-have. Little ones need a lot of muscle strengthening in the fingers and hands to get ready for writing. Activities that use tweezers, tongs, scissors, are finger manipulation are great choices to get those little hands moving.

Once your little one has tired herself out with the chosen activity, she’s sure to be hungry. Treat her to a fun snack, such as our Sweet Safari Box. It features pineapple bites covered in chocolate and topped with a monkey design, and six scrumptious banana pieces with white chocolate on one side and semisweet chocolate on the other.

Top 10 Toddler Activities

Before cabin fever starts to set in and your little one starts climbing the walls, it’s a good ideas to get her involved in a fun activity. Here are ten must-have activities you can try the next time you and your toddler are stuck at home.

1. Laundry Hamper Fishing

Laundry Hamper Fishing

Your little one will love this new take on “fishing” she can do right from the living room floor. In this simple activity, your toddler will sit in a laundry hamper and use kitchen tongs to try to pick up plush fish toys off the ground.

2. Golf Tee Push Activity

Golf Tee Push Fine Motor Skills Activity

With just a few seconds of prep, this activity will keep your toddler busy for quite a while. Plus, pushing the golf teas into the small holes helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

3. Pom Pom Racing

Pom Pom Racing

This activity teaches toddlers how to blow through a straw and sets them up for a fun race. Just set up a race track with a start and finish line, place your pom poms on the start line, and you’re ready to blow!

4. Painting with Tractors

Painting with Tractors

For this fun activity, you’ll need some washable paint, tractor or other construction truck toys, brown washable paint, and paper. Your little one can dip the toy truck into the paint and create a masterpiece using the truck wheels.

5. Hide the Animals

Hide the Animals

This sensory bin focuses on teaching your little one how to scoop and pour. Made with small plastic animals in a muffin tin, rice, and a scoop, your little one’s goal is to bury the animals. Then, she can uncover the hidden animals.

6. Sink or Float Discovery Station

Sink or Float Discovery Station

In this exciting toddler-sized science experiment, your little one will guess if different household objects sink or float in water. All you need is a big tub of water, a few towels, and some everyday objects.

7. Card Slot Drop

Card Slot Drop

This activity helps your kiddo develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and dexterity. Plus, the only thing you need to do for set up is to cut a small hole in the top of an empty container of oats. Score!

8. Fine Motor Color Match

Fine Motor Color Match

In this activity, your little one will use tweezers to pick up pom poms and separate them by color. She’ll learn sorting, matching, and color recognition, all while refining the small muscles that help with writing.

9. What’s Magnetic

What's Magnetic

Can your toddler learn what common household objects are magnetic? Absolutely! This activity is super simple, requiring just a magnet wand and a few objects, but full of scientific learning (and fun).

10. Roll and Hop Shape Game

Roll and Hop Shape Game

This activity gets kids moving, hoping, and jumping all while teaching shapes! Your little one simply rolls a shape and has to jump or hop to the corresponding shape on the floor. Fun!

Your toddler will love these fun indoor activities the next time you’re stuck at home. When you’re done, don’t forget a tasty snack, like our Fresh Baked Cookies, to give her enough energy for her next adventure.