50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends on their Golden Anniversary

50th Anniversary Gifts for Friends

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If you know a couple who are celebrating their anniversary, you might be wondering how to find meaningful 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends. A 50th anniversary calls for a huge celebration, and a sweet, thoughtful gift only makes the occasion better. But, choosing a gift for a married couple isn’t easy. How can you make sure each member of the couple enjoys the gift equally? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how the lowdown on choosing the best 50th anniversary gift ideas for your friends.

How to Choose 50th Anniversary Gifts for Friends

Choosing a 50th anniversary gift for a couple can be quite the challenge. You want to get something both of your friends can enjoy, but that can be especially hard when you’re dealing with two very different people. It might seem easier to get two separate gifts, and yet, this can feel a bit disjointed for an occasion that celebrates the union of your loved ones as a couple. Luckily, it is possible to get one gift that satisfies two people.

First, think about the things they like to do as a couple. Do they spend their time traveling? Get them something travel related, such as a new carry on bag or a pair of passport holders. Or, if they prefer watching movies at home, get them a cozy blanket they can use to cuddle up under. You can also get them something sweet and sentimental that commemorates 50 years spent together, such as a photo collage or their wedding song on canvas. Another important thing to remember is that gold is the traditional gift for a 50th anniversary. Anything that has gold accents or is made of gold can make a big impression to help celebrate their “golden anniversary.”

Top 10 50th Anniversary Gifts for Friends

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to get your friends for their 50th anniversary, here are ten great ideas. You can snag one of these options or use it as inspiration to come up with something of your own:

1. A Berry Sweet Bundle

A Berry Sweet Bundle

This bundle is packed with sweet treats for your friends’ anniversary. It includes chocolate covered strawberries and cake batter-flavored white chocolate covered strawberries. A sweet balloon and plush teddy bear top off the collection.

Cost: $88.99

2. The Perfect Pair

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends: The Perfect Pair

What’s better than chocolate covered strawberries? Chocolate covered strawberries paired with a collection of chocolate confections, including nutty clusters, buttercreams, chewy caramels, and so much more. It’s the perfect pair, just like your friends.

Cost: $101.98

3. Elegant Anniversary Embroidered Throw

Elegant Anniversary Embroidered Throw

With love and patience, the couple in your life has woven together their marriage. This sweet blanket is also woven with a soft cotton blend, and can be embroidered with the names of the happy couple, their wedding date, and the phrase, “50th Wedding Anniversary.”

Cost: $55.99

4. Wooden Family Tree

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends: Wooden Family Tree

Celebrate their marriage with a commemoration of their family tree on this American grown, sustainably harvested engraved wooden family tree. It can include multiple generations and can be completely customized in three different designs.

Cost: $60.00

5. Anniversary Towel Set

Anniversary Towel Set

Upgrade your friends’ bathroom with this towel set. It’s embroidered with gold thread, commemorating their 50th anniversary and can be customized with the names of the happy couple and the year of their wedding.

Cost: $65.95

6. Gold Sheet Music Canvas

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends: Gold Sheet Music Canvas

Add a touch of gold to your loved ones’ decor with this canvas. It recreates their wedding song (or another song that’s important them) in a bold and beautiful way.

Cost: $129.00

7. Everlasting Love Anniversary Table Clock

Everlasting Love Anniversary Table Clock

Celebrate the timeless love of your friends. With beautiful engraving, this table clock is elegant and classic and can be personalized with the couple’s names, along with their wedding date.

Cost: $49.99

8. 50th Wedding Anniversary Plate

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends: 50th Wedding Anniversary

50 years of marriage deserves an extra special gift. This plate features gold accents and can be personalized with their names and wedding date. It also comes with a stand so they can place this treasured keepsake on any table or shelf.

Cost: $129.95

9. Willow Tree Anniversary Figurine with Shelf Stand

Willow Tree Anniversary Figurine with Shelf Stand

This sweet figurine depicts a couple sitting together and holding hands with the sentiment that love always endures. You can personalize the bottom of the figurine with your friends’ names and a special message.

Cost: $40.00

10. 50th Anniversary Gift Photo Collage

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends: 50th Anniversary Gift Photo Collage

Celebrate their 50 years of wedded bliss with this one-of-a-kind photo collage. It features 12 personal photographs and four photos that represent the year they were married.

Cost: $64.00

If your friends have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up, don’t stress about finding that perfect gift. You can use these gift ideas to help you come up with the perfect present for their special day.