25 of the Best Quarantine Gifts For All of Your Loved Ones

Best Quarantine Gifts for All of Your Loved Ones

Over the last year or so, we’ve been engulfed in the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we’ve found new ways to embrace and engage with our loved ones, but also missed a few holidays, birthdays and other celebrations. However, as we see some light at the end of the tunnel, many of our friends and family members may keep living a socially distanced life for some more time, which means we need some quarantine gifts for any upcoming events! Over the last year or so, we’ve learned that people enjoy baking, starting home improvement projects and working on their lawns. Some of us may have started planning our next vacation, while others may have started a new hobby. Conversely, some of us may have suffered from COVID symptoms and endured the dangerous virus, then a get well gift can mean the world to her. Now, as we wait and watch the next phase of the pandemic, we can offer our loved ones some of the best quarantine gifts if we still can’t celebrate that next special event in person (or even if we can!).

How to Choose a Quarantine Gift

When it comes to choosing quarantine gifts, then start with exploring how your loved one is living during the pandemic. For example, did they start baking bread or gardening? If so, then something related to the kitchen or garden would likely make a terrific quarantine gift because it’ll still be great once life starts to become a little more normal. Alternatively, did your love one hunker down and seem to embrace the low-key lifestyle? Then, one of the best quarantine gift ideas would be something cozy and comfortable like some new slippers or a robe. Or, and very likely, is your loved one going a little stir crazy? Then, something with some inspiration or simply acknowledges  how much they mean to you always makes a great gift (quarantine or not).

Finally, a care package with something relaxing always works as a great gift idea. For example, an arrangement from Edible Arrangements® provides a sweet treat and she doesn’t need to leave home to enjoy them. Additionally, at Edible Arrangements®, we remain diligent on our safety protocols so you can be confident in the safety of our team and products. Or, some other sweet treat or special dish from her favorite restaurant is another great quarantine gift idea. The choice is yours.

Top 15 Best Quarantine Gift Ideas

If you’re stumped on what to get someone during the COVID pandemic, then consider the standard gift giving thought process. Think about what they like or any new hobbies. Or, if you just want to say thanks, then a thoughtful thank you gift always shows your appreciation. Here of some of the best quarantine gift ideas around.

1. Thanks A Bunch Bundle

Thanks A Bunch Bundle

What is a better way to show your appreciation than a box of delectable chocolates? A box of chocolates with strawberries covered in decadent semisweet chocolate and a cheerful thank you balloon! This simple arrangement offers a straightforward way to say thanks for someone that helped you or your family during the pandemic.

Cost: $79.98

2. Thank You Swizzle Berries®

Thank You Swizzle Berries®

Another classic gift that is also one of the best quarantine gift ideas is chocolate covered strawberries. These strawberries are hand-dipped in semisweet chocolate and topped with white chocolate drizzle. They’re all packaged beautifully in a custom Thank You box that shows your appreciation!

Cost: $52.99

3. Alphabet Marble & Wood Coasters

Alphabet Marble & Wood Coasters

Did your loved one hunker down and work on their home during the pandemic? If so, then one of the best quarantine gifts would aid in their home transformation. Combining white marble and acacia wood, these marble and wood coasters have a fun contrast of color and texture. They’re made with your recipient’s initial for a sweet and personal touch.

Cost: $24.50

4. Thank You For Your Part In My Journey Necklace

Thank You For Your Part In My Journey Necklace

Especially great for a mom or role model, this necklace is perfect for someone who helped you along your way and definitely during the pandemic. It’s made with lapis stone, which represents truth, along with sterling silver moon phase and gold vermeil charms to represent your journey and provide some sense of inspiration for the future.

Cost: $55.00

5. It’s 5 O’Clock Here

It's 5 o'Clock Here

Another great quarantine gift idea is anything relaxing. Based on a “happy hour” theme, send a care package filled with snacks! Whatever time it is, it’s the right time for yummy nibbles and a savory-sweet spread. This box includes everything you need, including crispy crackers, olive tapenade, spicy pistachios, handmade pretzels, and zesty popcorn.

Cost: $59.00

6. Local Roaster Gift Box

Local Roaster Gift Box

If your loved one loves coffee, get then this coffee gift set makes a terrific quarantine gift. It includes three hometown blends born from local roasteries in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles in your choice of grind. We could all use a little more energy after the last year, so this is a great idea.

Cost: $42.00

7. All the Best

All the Best

We all want a little more relaxation, so why not embrace this mindset. Give her the best of the best with this set that includes shower gel, body conditioner, and shower scrub that will wash, scrub, and moisturize from head to toe with hydrating and conditioning ingredients. The best of the salon without leaving the house.

Cost: $36.95

8. Just Because Gift Baskets

Just Because Gift Baskets

Sending a box of comfort foods is one of the best quarantine gift ideas around. This set includes four to six servings of your choice of soup, bacci rolls, cookies, a fun soup ladle, and a personalized note card.

Cost: $69.99

9. Succulent Gift Box

Succulent Gift Box

Did your loved one jumpstart their gardening hobby during the pandemic? If so, a great gift idea that embraces this hobby is a succulent gift set. Succulents provide striking and unique aesthetics and this box features a random succulent, a white terracotta pot, a greeting card, and cute succulent stickers.

Cost: $18.85

10. The Regulator Sheet Set

The Regulator Sheet Set

If one thing has stood out during the pandemic, it’s the need for a good night’s sleep! Made from the highest-grade bamboo rayon, these sheets are a serious upgrade. They’re temperature regulating, so they’ll keep your loved ones comfortable all night long.

Cost: $169.00

11. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

We all miss the grab and go breakfast sandwich at times, so get them a breakfast sandwich maker that will make their mornings a breeze. With four easy steps, this breakfast sandwich maker cooks two custom sandwiches at once in under five minutes.

Cost: $39.9

12. Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk

Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk

Is your loved one a “busy bee” and always on the go? Then, this coffee warmer helps keep her day going with a warm bolt of caffeine when she needs it (and doesn’t have to use more time heating it up in the microwave). It heats your coffee up to 131 degrees and can keep this temperature all day.

Cost: $17.99

13. Modern Family Tree Wood Slice Art

Gift Ideas for Grandpa: Modern Family Tree Wood Slice Art

Many of us have embraced our family during the pandemic. As a result, this family tree on a tree makes a wonderful and sentimental quarantine gift idea. It begins with the oldest generation and branches out to the youngest generation with the names of each generation spaced out evenly around each ring.

Cost: $55.00

14. Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit

Many of us found our inner chef during the pandemic, so why not give a gift that keeps up with our culinary passions? This sampler kit includes spices from all over the world to try, including herbs de Provence from France, oregano from Italy, and smoked paprika from Spain. Try one of the recipes included under the lid or make your own creations. A great quarantine gift that helps sustain a new favorite hobby in the future.

Cost: $39.00

15. Keaton Jewelry Box

Keaton Jewelry Box

Many of us used the extended time at home to declutter. If your loved one went through this phase, then consider a new jewelry box! This jewel-toned shiny gold-plated metal jewelry box is the perfect place to stash all of your favorite trinkets. It’s sized just right for earrings and bracelets.

Cost: $40.00

Get Well Quarantine Gift Ideas

If you have someone in your life who endured the Covid-19 virus and needs a pick-me-up during their recuperation phase, then here are some of the best Covid get well gift ideas to spark your inspiration.

1. Make You “SMILE” Daises

Everyone could use a reason to smile during the Covid pandemic. In particular, if your loved one is recovering, then this arrangement will put a smile on their face. The arrangements bursts with fresh strawberries, pineapple daisies, cantaloupe, and more! It’s carefully crafted to create an eye-catching (and delicious) presentation, which is why we top it all off with glistening pineapple letters spelling out the word, “Smile.”

Cost: $82.49

2. Well Wishes FruitFlowers®

Well Wishes FruitFlowers®

Part of what makes a get well gift so thoughtful is simply taking the time to recognize one of your loved ones is in pain or was sick. This beautiful flower bouquet comes packed with sunflowers and multi-colored chrysanthemums, along with with white chocolate dipped strawberries and semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries topped with white chocolate Get Well Soon sentiments. If your loves ones lost their sense of smell, these flowers will help bring back the enjoyment of smelling again!

Cost: $93.00

3. UGG Leisure Scuff Slipper

UGG Leisure Scuff Slipper

The need for comfort (and warmth) is pretty important for anyone recovering from COVID. So, these slippers will help keep your loved one warm even in the dead of winter. With a soft shearling lining and plush footbed, they’re as stylish as they are comfortable. Plus, they are high quality, which means they will keep providing comfort post pandemic as well!

Cost: $69.99

4. Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives

If your loved one loved to entertain, then consider a gift aimed at the future. Having something to look forward to is important during any recovery, so something like this swivel cheese board offers something new for their next at-home party (whenever that may be). It folds into a single wedge for compact storage and then unfolds to reveal a tiered server for all of your favorite appetizers, along with a stainless steel cheese knife and fork.

Cost: $64.00

5. YnM Weighted Blanket

Gift Ideas for Grandpa: YnM Weighted Blanket

Make sure your loved one always feels your love! A unique quarantine gift idea is this weighted blanket. It comes in 32 different colors and patterns and is made of breathable, comfortable cotton with a unique seven-layer structure and premium glass beads that provide temperature control to keep your loved one cool yet cozy during their recovery (and beyond).

Cost: $39.15

Sympathy COVID Gift Ideas

Unfortunately, COVID is a devastating virus that has taken the lives of many of our friends, family and loved ones. If your family was impacted by COVID, then some ideas to express your sympathy.

1. Deepest Sympathies FruitFlowers®

Sympathy Gift Ideas for the Loss of a Mother: Deepest Sympathies FruitFlowers®

This package includes chocolate dipped strawberries with a beautiful bouquet. It features white and peach flowers with gorgeous greenery and touches of sweet lavender.

Cost: $84.99

2. Peace & Doves Daisy Swizzle Berries® & Apples

Peace & Doves Daisy

This beautiful arrangement is full of white chocolate covered pineapple doves, the symbol of the deepest kind of peace that soothes our troubled minds. It’s also packed with chocolate dipped apple slices, strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes, and more.

Cost: $73.99

3. Oven Safe Pie Pan with Handwritten Recipe

Sympathy Gift Ideas for the Loss of a Mother: Oven Safe Pie Pan with Handwritten Recipe

If your loved one was a great baker or had a favorite dessert, then honor them with this handwritten recipe pie pan. It features a replication of your loved one’s most special pie recipe in their own handwriting. The pan is food safe, hand-washable, and the transfer is permanent.

Cost: $75.00

4. If Love Could Have Saved You Personalized Memorial Sign

If Love Could Have Saved You Personalized Memorial Sign

This plaque reads, “If love could have saved you… You would have lived forever.” Made with handcrafted wood, it’s laser-etched with your loved one’s name and a beautiful floral heart.

Cost: $59.95

5. Sympathy Bird Feeder

Sympathy Gift Ideas for the Loss of a Mother: Sympathy Bird Feeder

Red cardinals represent your departed loved one coming to visit you. This bird feeder features a painted tree with cardinals that will hopefully attract the real-life birds to your loved one’s garden.

Cost: $29.99

Our hearts go out to all of the families that have suffered loss during this time. These sympathy gifts for the loss of a friend or family member shows your loved ones that you are thinking of them and want to help.

The COVID pandemic has certainly upended our every day lives. From missing milestones and birthdays to delayed celebrations and unfortunate loss, the small acts of kindness and acknowledge keep us going. We can continue to endure the virus as we engage with our core group of relationships that sustain our heart and soul.