Celebrating Your Team: Why it Matters

Employee Appreciation Day

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This Friday, March 3, companies across the United States and Canada will celebrate Employee Appreciation Day – a day dedicated to providing leaders, HR professionals, and Executives with an opportunity to thank, or in Edible® terms, “WOW” their teams.

TheSocialWorkplace.com recently shared some staggering data related to the recognition of employees.  Without a doubt, employees who are recognized in the workplace tend to be more motivated, work harder, and usually stay with companies longer than those whose hard work isn’t typically acknowledged.


This Friday, take a few minutes over bagels, a luncheon, or even a fruit arrangement to thank your team for all they do. More importantly, I encourage your Management Team to put some time on the calendar to discuss ways to recognize hard work – not just on March 3, but throughout the year, too! Employee appreciation truly makes a positive impact on drive, effort, and retention, so it only makes sense to invest in that initiative.   

If you’re looking for a few fun ideas to get the conversation started, here are 3 ways we celebrate our team at the Edible® corporate office that you can incorporate into your workplace, too:

1. Celebrate employee birthdays!

You can do this as a group event by providing a treat for the team the first Monday of every month. Post the names of each person celebrating a birthday that month in a community area or make an announcement during a celebratory gathering!

2. Weekly “WOWs”

Each week, we hold a company-wide meeting where individual employees can publicly thank others with a “WOW” for a job well done or for help they provided. If your company doesn’t typically host a weekly meeting, don’t worry! Keep a whiteboard or corkboard in a public space where you and your team can post “WOWs” to recognize the efforts of others. (Bonus points if you throw in a small thank you gift, too!)

3. Fresh Fruit Fridays

Provide a fresh, guilt-free treat each Friday morning for the team to enjoy such as fruit salads, smoothies, or fruit parfaits. This will give employees the opportunity to take a quick break, catch up with co-workers, and maybe even discuss a project over a pick-me-up. They’ll appreciate the time away from their desks!