Claire Rogers is Filling the World with Goodness


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The internet is buzzing with the news of Claire Rogers—the young woman who gifted Tiger Woods’ surgeon, Dr. Richard Guyer, a box of chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements®.

We are all about filling the world with goodness—and believe there can never be enough ways to delight people. So, naturally when we came across Claire’s incredibly sweet act of kindness, we had to get in touch—and let her know how much we loved what she did.

Her story has been covered by many online media outlets including CBS Sports;; Yahoo! Sports; ESPN; and USA Today to name a few.

Rogers was gracious enough to speak with us when we requested to chat about the matter. When asked about what compelled her to send Guyer the gift she stated that she’s a big golf fan, and noticed that Tiger was playing very well. Rogers then thought to herself that Woods’ surgery must’ve went well.

The young woman went on to say that her original thought was to send a thank you note, but knew that it would take a few days to reach the doctor. “Thank you notes are nice, but I think [a fruit arrangement] would be better because that’s a real treat.” She continued to explain the simplistic and convenient ordering process, “And it’s so easy to do! And I didn’t even know that they would have one right by [his office].”

Now, we all know that sending a thank you gift can be difficult—especially when you’re not particularly close with the intended recipient. So we asked Claire how she decided on what to send. “All my roommates love chocolate covered strawberries—and everybody likes those so I thought that’s perfect. I’ll go with that.” After browsing the webpage, Rogers came across our Heartfelt Thank You box. She found the name to be sweet, and knew right then that was the gift.

“For the last couple of years, Tiger hasn’t been on the scene. Obviously—because he was injured. Everybody gets so excited when he’s back.” Talk about a sweet way to celebrate his return.

Since Rogers is such a fan of Tiger Woods, we couldn’t end our conversation without finding out what she’d ask the famed golfer if she had the chance. She answered, “I’d probably ask him to take me through his favorite round of golf that he’s ever played.” Rogers explained that she would love to hear all about everything that happened there including who he played with and the conversations that took place. Moreover, she would like to personally hear his back story relating to the game, and why it’s important to him.

A lover of golf since her high school years, Rogers follows the sport very closely. Though not a professional herself, Rogers has worked for Golf Digest Magazine for the past two summers.