Creative and Unique Thank You Gift Ideas to Express Your Gratitude

Creative and Unique Thank You Gift Ideas

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Sometimes, just saying “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough. When you want to truly show how much you appreciate someone’s kindness, their effort, or simply say, “Thanks for being you,” Edible Arrangements® offers dozens of delicious ways to show your gratitude.

Our Heartfelt Thank You Berries features a delectable combination of gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries with semisweet or white chocolate, plus a custom white chocolate “Thank You” message. Sophisticated and tasteful, it’s a great gift for expressing thanks to someone who has gone the extra mile. For even more flavors, the Sweet Thank You Gift Set features a delightful combination of daisy-shaped pineapple, white and semisweet chocolate dipped bananas, gourmet semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries, and more. It’s topped with a Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pop for the perfect finishing touch. It’s all carefully arranged in an adorable Life is Sweet mug, and it even comes with a Thank You balloon!

For an extra-sweet way to say thanks, our Thank You Delicious Fruit Design® Swizzle Apple Fruit Truffles® features an assortment of all our favorite fresh fruit, including pineapple daisies, Swizzle Apple Fruit Truffles®, honeydew and cantaloupe wedges, strawberries, and more. Plus, it comes in a custom Thank You container, so your gift recipient will always remember how much you appreciate them.

Browse our selection of delicious and cheerful thank you gifts to find the perfect way to say thanks on any occasion. From arrangements with fresh fruit slices hand-dipped in white and semisweet gourmet chocolate to gift boxes with our most-loved chocolate Dipped Fruit™, gift sets complete with bright, colorful balloons, and more, we offer a variety of thank you gifts in various sizes so you can make the right statement.

Creative and Unique Thank You Gift Ideas

For more creative and unique thank you gift ideas, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. (Note: Edible Arrangements® is not endorsing any of the products or ideas discussed below, but we asked for suggestions to get some different perspectives.) Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say.

Mark WilcoxMark Wilcox


Mark Wilcox is the man behind Brick Boss. He is the self-proclaimed “King of Bricks,” and dedicated to creating visual stories with the LEGO bricks he has. In addition to creating amazing LEGO feats, Wilcox also posts tips, information, and resources for other adult LEGO lovers to make the most of this hobby.

“Here is a unique thank you gift idea: LEGO. There are a few ways you could use LEGO as a thank-you gift. You could buy a simple set that represents something the person is interested in or a reminder of a shared experience. For example, if you took a memorable train ride across Europe in college, send the LEGO Creator Blue Express. Or, if they are into Harry Potter, send them a Harry Potter mini-figure. Another idea is to send them a pair of earrings or a necklace made from LEGO. You can find these on Etsy, but it’s also simple to make your own at home. Finally, you could send them a custom mini-figure that represents them. You can go to the local LEGO store and make one out of existing LEGO pieces. There are also sites that will create original art for you.”

Janet BasiloneJanet Basilone


Janet Basilone is a freelance writer and founder of Fine Diners Over 40™, a members-only dinner club in New York and Seattle. Occasionally she writes about restaurants, but found real purpose in adding her voice to the food waste reduction movement. She also writes about stories of renewal after age 40.

“Need to say thanks to a foodie or someone who might enjoy meeting new friends or networking over dinner? Giving experiences instead of things continues to gain popularity on all sides of the gifting ritual. Social dining with Fine Diners Over 40™ is an enjoyable way to connect with singles and couples — all are welcome. A gift certificate for a one-year membership entitles your giftee to attend dinners, special events, and cocktail parties. (He or she pays the fee for individual events.)”

Kelly Anne ParkerKelly Anne Parker


Kelly Anne Parker is the Founder of Send Ribbon, an online gift company that give back to charitable causes.

“Our Thank You Giftbags are the perfect way to show gratitude and appreciation for friends, family, teachers, neighbors, and clients. We offer premade giftbags, or create your own custom thank you giftbag with up to eight gifts. We offer a personalized gift note gift tag and free shipping on every order. Instead of using wasteful paper gift wrap, gift boxes, and crinkle paper, all of our gifts are wrapped in greener reusable canvas gift bags and each ribbon on the bag ties to a charitable cause. The charity our thank you giftbags tie to is The United Way of NYC, which helps low income families through educational, food, literacy programs among others.”

Katie McDanielKatie McDaniel


Katie McDaniel is a writer and content strategist for Lifetime Creations. Having spent years in the industry, she writes about the latest trends in promotional marketing.

“A great thank you gift is one that is well thought out and selected according to the recipient’s personal preferences, and is ideally able to be personalized, to make each gift even more special and unique. Personalized cutting boards are a great and classy gift for someone who loves to cook or host get-togethers. For the people who are always on-the-go, getting a personalized coffee travel mug (as opposed to the typical coffee mug) would be a lifesaver. Apart from looking sleek, make sure the selected item is double wall insulated and has a tight lid!”

Brian PfeifferBrian Pfeiffer


Brian Pfeiffer is the Founder of Design a Tea, a tea company where people can create their own tea blend and really experience choice.

“One very unique gift idea is a custom tea blend for that special person. But why stop there? Might as well personalize the label with a message, image, or just a simple “Thank You,” making it a truly one-of-a-kind gift. We started, an online tea company, 11 years ago and continue to enjoy knowing we are a small part of people’s special gift giving.”

Shelley GrieshopShelley Grieshop


Shelley Grieshop is a Creative Writer and Public Relations person at Totally Promotional, an online retailer/manufacturer of customized products.

“Handmade gifts, such as a thank-you card that is designed by the sender, are extra special touches that mean a lot to the recipient. Useful handcrafted items are always in good taste when you truly want to convey your thanks to one or two people. But if you need to show your gratitude to more than one person – such as several hundred employees or clients – you can be just as unique and clever with gifts that are personalized with a heartfelt thank you message. A customized tote bag, flying disc, or ice scraper with a personal statement such as “You’re the best!” says volumes about a person’s good character.”

Jo Jo HarderJo Jo Harder


Jo Jo Harder is the CEO of The Jo Jo Companies, Jo Jo Productions, and America’s Top Dog Model.

“A calendar makes a fantastic thank you gift that is quick, useful, affordable, and sure to please. Who doesn’t need a calendar? America’s Top Dog Model ® 2019 Calendar is a great conversation starter because it represents the national winners of America’s most popular Top Dog Model Contest!”

Daniel BrassloffDaniel Brassloff


Daniel Brassloff is the CEO of Muggedcake, which makes instant gluten-free, nut-free, and waste-conscious mug cakes (the only gluten-free option on the market).

“For a great gift for those with dietary restrictions, I recommend trying MuggedCakes! Muggedcake makes instant gluten and nut free mug cakes. It allows anyone to, in less than two minutes, make a single-serve cake just by adding water, mixing, and microwaving.”

Beth Shankle AndersonBeth Shankle Anderson


Beth Shankle Anderson is an award-winning author, attorney, and fashion and beauty expert and blogger. She is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design’s Fashion Industry Essentials certificate program. She strives to help women feel great about themselves, both inside and out.

“A vase has always been a well-received thank you gift for family, friends, and acquaintances alike. By choosing a vase that suits the personality of the recipient, it can add character to his or her home. Also, vases are beautiful with or without flowers, so it leaves the choice of using them to the recipient.”

Luciana MonteleoneLuciana Monteleone


Luciana Monteleone works on marketing for Philippe le Bac. Founded in 1936, Philippe le Bac is a French affordable luxury brand, selling worldwide through his website. Specialized in Cashmere, Philippe le Bac offers a full range of clothing and accessories, for women and men, made with the finest cashmere with contemporary design.

“Surprise anyone with a 100% Cashmere Knitted Beanie by Philippe le Bac. This hat is a perfect thank you gift because it will keep the person who won it stylish and warm all winter long. Super soft and comfortable to wear all day long, this winter hat will add a stylish sparkle at all winter outfits.”

Cassandra FreemanCassandra Freeman


Cassandra is known as the “#1 Dream Maker.” As a wife, mother of four boys, and founder of Thoughtful Inspirations, she is driven to help other families achieve their dreams by sharing the lessons she has learned on her way to success as a doctoral student and an entrepreneurial mother. Her goal-oriented tools such as the “Successful Journey Chart,” ‘Study Skills for Parents’ book, and motivational e-courses are just a few of the resources she offers to get you on the fast track towards maximizing your family’s potential. As a speaker, she has empowered hundreds of women. Seeing others become their best selves and pursue their wildest dreams is what motivates her.

“Creative thank you gifts should always be thoughtful. The key to having the best thank you gift is to remember the experience you just had with the organization or person. Purchase a gift that either reminds them of a laugh-out-loud moment or reminds them of a significant heartfelt story that was told. Or, get them an item they mentioned they wished they could have, if it’s within your means to get it. This takes creative gifts to a whole new level. Instead of personalizing the gift with their name, you are really personalizing it with their heart and the best parts of your last experience together. It’s a great way to say thank you and I’ll never forget you.”

Josh FredmanJosh Fredman


Josh Fredman is a writer and content strategist for Wendell August Forge, America’s oldest family-owned forged metal producer, specializing in handcrafted gifts, ornaments, and home accessories.

“The key to great thank you gifts is to look for items that may be personalized. There are some great e-commerce sites that produce highly-personalized and customizable items that make each gift even more unique for the recipient. For example, a beautiful metal bookmark may be just the thing to say thanks to any keen reader. Make the gift even more special by adding an engraved a message or having it monogrammed.”

Aurora GregoryAurora Gregory


Aurora is a business motivator and marketing educator for entrepreneurs. She helps them find their zone of genius so they can build a successful, income-earning business and share their brilliance with the world. She always sends a thank-you gift when she completes work with a client because she wants them to know that she appreciates their relationship and their business. Learn more about her and sign up for her business-building marketing newsletter at

“To make my thank you gift as personal as possible, I make a point to listen with gift-giving in mind throughout our time together so I can pick something that perfectly suits them. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be thoughtful. A recent client of mine is a speaker on the topic of charity. When we finished our work together, I sent her a DVD of a classic film that had that exact theme as a central part of the movie. I included a personal note about how much I enjoyed working with her and about why I selected the movie to share with her. She loved it and shared the gift on her social media platforms, mentioning that she was sure this was not a gift I sent to every client. She was right; it was specific to her.”

Deborah LuceroDeborah Lucero

Deborah Lucero is the Founder of Live Your Full Life. Her journey began by helping others who have fibromyalgia, sharing techniques learned to honor the mind, body, soul, and spirit. She realized she needed to embrace her body, forgive her mind, love her soul, and honor her spirit! So, she began to nurture herself at every level to slowly heal.

“Looking for a creative unique thank you gift? A pocket journal is a perfect accessory to keep anyone organized. It can be used for journaling, recipe keeping, and note taking!  It’s a wonderful way to express your gratitude. A pocket journal with a motto adds a touch of positive energy! Let the custom LIVE YOUR FULL LIFE Journal inspire others to nurture their entire being with our motto, Honor Your Mind, Body, Soul, & Spirit!”

Luke StoffelLuke Stoffel


Luke Stoffel is an entrepreneur & co-founder of Cinderly, a start-up run on sparkles. He grew up baking in his mom’s cherry-colored kitchen, carefully following the instructions on a set of worn paper cards from his grandmother’s recipe box with his little sister. His family raised them on the banks of the Mississippi River, and the tradition of sweets ran about as deep in them as that river is long. So, when he dreamed of his sure-to-be colorful future, it was frequently filled with the vision of running his own Rainbow Cake Café. For Luke, the most important part of living his life to its fullest potential was finding a way to share his glitter-covered, creative impulses with the world.

“Where I grew up, the best way to say thank you was with a gift basket of baked goods. My Instagram-worthy cookbook is full of the best tips and tricks to make a colorful masterpiece a reality. When sending out a heartfelt thank you, be sure it is baked with love.”

Phallin MariePhallin Marie


Phallin Marie is the owner/creator of Four Sisters Farm Soap Co.

“When you want to say thank you, you want to do more than just a card, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Something as simple as an artisan bar of soap with a hand-written note can mean the world to someone. It’s the little things, you know. Going on five years in the handmade soap business, I have found many folks like to say thank you with soap, whether that be to one person, two, or a crowd at your wedding, which is where smaller thank you soaps come in handy.”

Brita MullerBrita Muller


Brita Muller is a handwriting artist at Punkpost.

“Here’s a great way to say thank you: a thoughtful note from Punkpost. We get messages from our users telling us things like they loved their card and were crying tears of joy. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Punkpost is a service where users simply choose a greeting card, quickly type their message in the app, and a talented Punkpost artist will write and send personalized, handwritten cards on their behalf. Each Punkpost is handwritten by real, live people, and you can send a heartfelt note as quick as sending a text message. You can schedule them days, weeks, or months in advance so you’re covered for Mother’s Day and other events every single year.”

Ed SalatkaEd Salatka

Ed Salatka works for Meridian Solutions, LLC, a manufacturer, importer, and distributor of a broad range of industrial supplies and consumer goods.

“We make a high-quality bag hanger/hook. This product works well with purses, diaper bags, backpacks, camera bags and more. It keeps everything off the ground and hanging near you in plain sight and allows quick access. It’s ideal for bathroom stalls where you can hang your bag off the door, and not leave it sitting on the ground or in your lap.”

Luke HamblyLuke Hambly


Luke Hambly is the Co-Founder of PressaBottle.

“Pressa Bottle is the only water bottle that allows the user to press and juice real fruit into their water. There’s nothing like this on the market, and the product was designed and manufactured by myself and my 2 brothers. The product is made from BPA-Free Tritan plastic, the highest end plastic available, which is very safe. The product itself comes in a glass and plastic bottle.”

Terry CarterTerry Carter


Terry Carter is the Chief Formulator and Fragrance Nose for the Travertine Spa Collection. He is a natural perfumer with certifications from Perfumer’s World and Institut Supérieur International du Parfum, de la Cosmétique et de l’Aromatique Alimentaire (ISIPCA – Paris).

“Our line of Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray makes for an affordable gift that men and women won’t want to stop using. It adds a soothing, aromatic, and antibacterial element to the shower, steam room, or hot tub. Just turn on the hot water, spray downwards away from face, and enjoy the inhalation benefits as the steam rises and turns your shower into your very own spa. The health benefits of eucalyptus oil are well-known and wide-ranging, and its properties include anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antibacterial, and stimulating qualities. It also works as an excellent deodorizer and is a great addition to any gym bag.  The Steam Shower Spray comes in a 2 oz travel size ($18) and a 4 oz. size ($26) and can be purchased on our website and Amazon.”

For someone who has done you a favor, given you a shoulder to lean on, or is always in your corner, make their day a little brighter by saying thanks with a Bundle Of Cheer. Featuring our sensational chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped pineapple, and an assortment of fresh fruit in a keepsake container they’ll cherish forever, it’s coupled with a fun and cheerful balloon that’s sure to make them smile. Or, browse our selection of thank you gifts and just because gifts to find the perfect way to say thank you.