Fresh Facts About: Oranges!


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As the Fruit Experts®, we find out stuff about fruit that we find interesting, surprising, amazing or funny all the time… and we think you will too. That’s why we’re sharing Fresh Facts About fruit here on our blog. This week, we highlight the fruit that is (arguably) the most fragrant… the orange!

Orange You Glad You Eat This? Oranges are packed with vitamins, particularly vitamin C. In fact, just one orange provides 130% of your daily vitamin C intake requirement!

Home Grown. As of 2011, nearly 70% of all US-produced oranges were grown in Florida, and an incredible 40% of the world’s orange juice also came from the Sunshine State.

Oranges are… Green? That’s right! Oranges can actually grow and ripen while remaining green in color, it simply depends on the climate in which they grow. (However, here at Edible Arrangements®, we prefer to only offer oranges that are, well, orange, like this here NEW Orange Citrus Blossom™!)

Large Orange Citrus Blossom™
Large Orange Citrus Blossom™

Orange U. There is only one university in North America that has the orange as its mascot. Can you name this school?          (Hint: No exCUSEs for not knowing this one.)

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