“ROC” Your Pineapple: A How-To Guide


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Pineapples are one of the summer’s hottest trends, but do you know the history behind this stylish fruit? As the Fruit Experts, we asked guest blogger and Rochester, NY artist Corinne Fallone to share her knowledge of this funky fruit. Founder of the #ROCYourPineapple movement, Corinne specializes in creating the bright and whimsical pineapple paintings shown throughout this post. Keep reading for some pineapple wisdom, inspiration, and how you can “ROC Your Pineapple!”

Let’s face it. The world has pineapple fever. PINEAPPLES ARE EVERYWHERE. They’re used as a universal symbol, a traditional motif, a fashion statement, and they’re as sweet as can be!  But, where did this pineapple craze and stylish summer trend come from?

Pineapple Discovery

Christopher Columbus and his crew were the first to encounter this unique fruit during their voyage to the Caribbean. Upon returning to Europe, the crew described the pineapple as a cross between a pinecone (its exterior) and an apple (the firm interior pulp) (it all makes sense now!). Fresh fruit was rare, and it was quickly coveted by royalty. Its striking shape served as a beautiful and exclusive centerpiece that everyone wanted on their table. Having this expensive and unique asset made guests feel important and set a precedent of gracious welcome for household gatherings. I LOVE how this meaning has stayed true throughout the years. I personally love using pineapple, whole or cut, as a summer centerpiece. It not only looks beautiful, but it also serves as a symbol of welcome to my guests!

Pineapple Legacy

The pineapple’s popularity began to grow and its meaning expanded to serve as a symbol of friendship, hospitality and good cheer. According to legend, New England sea captains frequently traded goods among the Caribbean Islands. Once they traveled home, the captain would spear a fresh pineapple on their fence post to let his friends know that he safely returned from his travels over sea. The pineapple served as an invitation for neighbors and friends to come visit, share a meal and listen to tales of his voyage.

Pineapple Style

With such a unique look, the pineapple print developed into a stylish summer trend that can be used throughout your home and closet. Over the years, pineapple has made several appearances on the runway, and with this fruit’s growing popularity, it’s hard to walk out of a store without spotting this awesome print. Now that you know some background behind this fruit, think of the message you’re relaying to others when you model that pineapple dress. Be a true friend and keep spreading good cheer wherever you go!

Pineapple Movement

“Be a Pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside” is a quote that fuels my artwork. Not only do I love pineapples for their unique shape and crazy patterns, but I also see the sense of unity that pineapples bring to every home. I love using its beautiful shapes and what it stands for in my artwork to uplift those around me.

To build on these qualities, I like to add my own twist to the original pineapple symbol with my newest artistic movement called “ROC Your Pineapple.” The goal of “ROC Your Pineapple” is to create a welcoming community where uniqueness is embraced and self love is encouraged. My pineapples have become a platform for optimism, taking pride in yourself and shining bright for all to see. YOU can join my pineapple movement on Instagram by following @caf_creations or visiting my website at www.CAFCreations.com. Take a look! I promise you’ll be inspired.

About Corinne Fallone:

Corinne is a full-time freelance illustrator and a resident of Rochester, New York. She received her BFA in illustration with a minor in communication from RIT and is continuously inspired by the beautiful and colorful world around her, that fuels her artwork. She has created the “ROC Your Pineapple” artistic movement by encouraging her pineapple fans to use the hashtag #ROCYourPineapple to throw positivity out into the world, and share how they’re using Corinne’s pineapple creations.

 Celebrate by joining in on our artistic movement with the hashtag #ROCyourPineapple

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