Social Media Concierge Service at Edible Arrangements®


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In the past few years, we began to see a distinct trend on social media – more and more guests were seeking “social customer service.” While many guests do still use more “traditional” customer service routes [like calling our Call Center or a local Edible Arrangements® store directly, or contacting us through our website or email] many people turn to our Facebook and Twitter brand pages for customer service. That’s why we created our Edible Arrangements® Social Media Concierge Team. As a result, no comment goes unread, and we respond to all feedback, both positive and negative, in a timely way.

The Good (aka Compliments): It’s always great to hear about the WOW-worthy experiences our guests have when one of our fresh fruit bouquets or gourmet chocolate dipped fruit boxes is delivered! Our guests regularly post about these special moments on our social pages, often including photos. (We LOVE this!) And when local Edible Arrangements® stores receive a compliment or call out from a guest on social media, we always share that positive feedback with them. Our Social Media Concierge Team always writes a personal “Thank You” to the local store on behalf of the guest, including their comments, to make sure our local Fruit Experts® know that the work they do each day doesn’t go unnoticed.

The Not as Good (aka Complaints): Of course, we know that there are times when things might not go exactly as planned, and we want our social media pages to be an open forum. It’s really important to us for our guests to be able to share both the good and bad experiences they may have had. We believe it’s an opportunity for us to get honest feedback, to learn from it, and to improve. So, in any case where a guest may not have been WOW-ed, we respond right away to try to resolve the issue quickly. On platforms like Twitter, it can be a challenge to respond sincerely, effectively… and briefly! Since we’re limited to 140 characters or less, we typically ask that guests on Twitter send an email to us at a dedicated account so we can work with them to get more details. But no matter how a guest may contact us, once we receive any complaint, we always work closely with our local franchise partners to make them aware of the issue and to turn a not-so-great experience into a WOW.

What do you think? How do usually contact companies for customer service? Have you ever used social media to post a compliment or complaint? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments below and keep the conversation going!