Sunday, December 8, 2019
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Monday Celebration Tips: Do Something Sweet For a Veteran This Week

This is a day to recognize the brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way so we can celebrate what’s good in...

Monday Celebration Tips: How to make Fall the freshest season yet!

Take in a football game- Start the Fall with a seasonal favorite – get out in that autumn air and cheer on a local...

Monday Celebration Tips: How Start an A+ School Year!

Calendar Up!: September is here, and that means back to school! As all “veteran” parents know, things get very busy from here on!  Give...

Monday Celebration Tips: How to Throw a Winning Tailgate Party!

Pick Game Day - First things first--plan ahead!  Whether you’re a seasoned tailgater or a rookie, you need to pick the game you want...
50 Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Monday Celebration Tips: How to Celebrate a Summer Birthday!

Many people love the fact that they have a summer birthday. Why? You have lots of options to celebrate! For example, you can celebrate...


Creative and Unique Thank You Gift Ideas

Creative and Unique Thank You Gift Ideas to Express Your Gratitude

Sometimes, just saying “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough. When you want to truly show how much you appreciate someone’s kindness, their effort, or...
Get Well Card Ideas

10 Sweet Get Well Card Ideas