4 Business Gifting Etiquette Tips

Business Gifting Etiquette Tips

Choosing a gift for your clients or business partners can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these 4 Business Gifting Etiquette tips to guide you in choosing the perfect business gifts for your clients that will be appropriate, appreciated, and remembered for all the right reasons.

Business Gifting Etiquette Tips

business gifting etiquette tips

  • Personalization is Key

Your clients want to know that you appreciate them, and feel more valued when gifts are personalized instead of generic. Show that you took the time to think about your client, which will bring much more meaning to the gift itself. For example, think about something hand-crafted!

“Think about something hand-crafted that you can’t get anywhere else. This allows you to set expectations high for other gifts they’ll receive in the future. Plus, you want your recipient to feel that you personally hand-selected this gift for them. Also, you don’t want to make them feel like this is what you gave to ALL your partners, clients, or employees! Make sure that your card addresses them by name and features a kind message that makes it feel as if you wrote it yourself. Once you choose the perfect gift, have it hand-delivered to their home or office for an extra surprise! When it arrives to the office, everyone’s eyes will follow where it goes, and (most likely) hope it’s for them!”

  • Presentation is Essential

The more presentable the gift looks, the more the individual receiving it will appreciate the time and effort put into crafting it. Imagine sending a gift that gets everyone’s attention at the office. Your business partners will be proud to show your gift off, and is sure to impress everyone around. And part of the presentation relates to the personality of the business gift!

“Have you ever received a generic holiday card from a client? If so, you realize that your client is just going through the motions. Typically, these cards are signed by the entire staff with a generic “happy holidays” message and noting how much you matter to them. However, the card demonstrates the opposite feeling. If you take the time to send some business gifts, then ensure the gift shows your care. For example, go for a gift that both reflects your personality and accurately represents the relationship you have with the recipient. Consider ordering your gifts from a vendor that offers a variety of options so you can give your recipients something with a similar theme, but are different enough to add a more personal touch.”

  • Make Sure to Include Everyone

To avoid forgetting key clients or partners, keep a running list of any clients and make sure to check it carefully first before sending out any gifts. You don’t want to make anyone feel less significant or overlooked. In addition to ensuring you don’t miss any client or partner, think about the number of team members at the client!

“Be aware of the number of recipients prior to sending! Are you sending to an individual person, the team or an entire office? Take some time to think about the number of recipients because providing a gift for part of team may ultimately backfire. Additionally, by ensuring everyone on the team receives something, it shows you think about the details and demonstrates how much you care about your clients. As a result, make sure you select a gift that everyone can enjoy! If you send a gift that’s large enough to share, you’re not only impressing your recipient, but their friends, family, and colleagues as well. Like most things in life, the little things make a big difference, so make sure your gift reflects these minute details.”

  • Keep the Goal in Mind

Don’t forget why you’re sending a business gift in the first place. The purpose of business gifting is to show your appreciation and have clients think of you when it’s time to do business. It’s also a great way of expressing your gratitude to those who support you and your organization. As a result, think about how a thoughtful business gift helps support your overall goal!

“The best gifts always have a lot of thought behind them. Typically, business gifts are sent for two primary reasons. First, gifts help maintain or strengthen an existing professional relationship. Second, business gifts help develop and build a new professional relationship. Therefore, ensure the gift you send represents you or your company in a positive way. Plus, think about your recipient and their team as well. Frequently, your company and clients have different vibes, so make sure the gift also reflects their values and personality. During your business gift decision making process, put your trust in a company that is an expert in their trade and guarantees a high-quality gift and experience. Additionally, look for a gift that allows for some simple customizations because you may want to change the gift for multiple clients. Ultimately, you want to present them with something that’s impressive and that you’re proud to have them receive.”

Take Advantage of Edible Business Gifts

Sending business gifts is an important reminder that you value a client’s contributions and partnership. As with any gift giving opportunity, sending a professional gift that you have put thought into will not go unnoticed. Be sure the corporate gifts you send are thoughtful, inclusive, and presented with care, to make sure they leave the impression you want to give!

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