Pineapple Pop-arazzi: Social Snap Shots of Edible Arrangements® Pops


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Local Edible Arrangements® stores sell individual pineapple pops (and pineapple pop bundles) for a fresh fruit treat, available any time. From fresh pineapple daisies to chocolate dipped cupcake-shaped pineapple, these fresh fruit pops are the perfect way to enjoy a little something sweet, for any reason at all (even if that’s just walking the dog)!

Recently, our social media team started spotting a fresh pineapple pop trend: people were posting their photos of our pineapple pops in fun and interesting ways, and in everyday settings, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! We were inspired. We decided to use what social media users and Edible Arrangements® fans were already doing on their own to launch an engaging mini-movement around this idea. Thus, we created Pineapple Pop-arazzi!

The idea: capture some of our own pineapple pop images, and invite social media users to do the same. The photos can be unique, artistic, adorable or exciting, but they can also be suuuuper simple. (After all, who doesn’t love seeing those photos of celebrities doing something “normal” like pumping their own gas or buying their own groceries? We think the same idea applies here – pineapple pops can be enjoyed while you’re on a wild Las Vegas vacation or just on your office lunch break!) Then, we post or share the best pineapple pop photos on the Edible Arrangements® social media pages.

It’s been just a few short weeks since we introduced the idea of “Pineapple Pop-arazzi” to our social media fans and followers, but it’s official – no pineapple pop is safe from those telephoto lenses and iPhone cameras!

Share your best pineapple pop shots with us now on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We want to see your fresh takes, and (of course) we’ll repost our favorites.