Fresh Fruit Is Now America’s #1 Snack


It’s official: fresh fruit is now America’s #1 snack food! One of the country’s leading market research companies, The NPD Group, made this proclamation in a report released last week. Snacking in America 2012, a report based on two years of research, reiterates that a trend of healthy eating and lifestyle choices is spreading across the United States, leading people to choose fresh fruit as a snack more often than any other option.

The NPD Group says snacking, which consists of 20% of all eating occasions in America, has seen a progressive transition away from traditional snack foods (potato chips and chocolate); in fact, Americans now snack on fresh fruit on 10 more occasions (per year) than they do chocolate, and on 25 more occasions than they do potato chips.

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Read The NPD’s Group’s official report here: