My Store Marketing; New Year, New Toolkits


A new year is on the horizon for Edible Arrangements and its local store marketing tactics.  The marketing team here has developed a new, well organized set of marketing tools for our franchisees in 2013. Moving into the New Year, we are demonstrating that making slight adjustments in marketing tactics, not complete strategy overhauls, can make some of the greatest impacts to a store’s bottom line.

To kick off these changes, we’ve introduced new and improved My Store Marketing Toolkits, aimed at simplifying the local store marketing process and offering store owners easy-to-use guides for implementation. Our goal with these new Toolkits is to not only provide franchisees with the necessary ingredients for success, but also give clear guidance on how to properly implement each individual marketing campaign. Within those guidelines, franchisees can now engage in their unique local markets more effectively than ever before.

An essential component to this layered approach is the support our field business leaders provide to franchisees and their store(s). Proper in-store utilization of the Toolkits is one of the main ways the field business leaders will assist franchisees, as they advise which set of banner advertisements are the most applicable and useful during certain times throughout the year. Whether they provide advice on specific Toolkits, or simply espouse general recommendations, the overall purpose is to increase local awareness for the individual stores and the respective owners, as well as the Edible Arrangements brand as a whole.

With the creation of these new Toolkits and processes, we hope to WOW our franchisees just as much as they WOW our customers!